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Solar panels contain Photovoltaic (PV) technology that convert sunlight into an electrical current. This passes through an inverter to make it instantly usable as electricity with the surplus being fed into the National Grid.

The consumer benefits are three fold; firstly by generating FREE electricity (thus reducing their supplier demands), secondly by receiving a payment from the Government backed Feed-in Tariff and thirdly by adding potential value to their property.

Benergy are leading East Midlands solar installers will help you through the entire process, from the initial survey to the completion of the installation. We install every component required to make your Solar PV system work at its optimum level. We install quality and longevity as standard, sourcing the best panels/inverters/components from our approved suppliers.


Solar panels – Feed-in Tariff

Call Benergy the East Midlands solar installers to gain maximum benefit from the Solar PV Feed-in Tariff

The Feed-in Tariff is the price that renewable micro-generators get paid for the electricity that they generate. The money is paid to individual providers by their energy companies, at a fixed-price which is secured by the government. This Solar PV specific Feed-in Tariff is comprised of two key financial elements:

Generation tariff
Paid for every kilowatt-hour you generate, even for the energy you use. The amount paid is determined by the type of technology and the size of the system.

Export tariff
Extra payment for every kilowatt-hour you export back to the grid. This is deemed at 50%of your generation regardless of what you use.

The Feed-in Tariff is guaranteed by the government for 20 years and is index-linked. Where the electricity generated is mainly for use by a household, the money paid is income tax free. The government introduced the feed-in tariffs to stimulate the growth of micro-generation. A Solar PV installation can pay for itself in less than 5 years, leaving another 15 years (or more) of guaranteed, Tax FREE profit.

Solar panels – Your Assurance

Benergy Electrical & Renewables Ltd endeavour to maintain our 5 STAR rating at all levels of service. As our customer your Solar PV system will be protected by the following warranties and guarantees:

Panel Warranty
The manufacturer will guarantee that the efficiency of your panel will NOT drop more than 10% over a 25 year period.

Fixing Warranty
All fixings used to mount your panels are warrantied for a 5 year period.

Inverter Warranty
Your inverter is warrantied for 5 years. This can be extended by the manufacturer to either 5, 10 or 20 years with an additional cost.

Benergy Electrical & Renewables Ltd Warranty & Support
Benergy Electrical & Renewables Ltd installation comes with a Fully Inclusive 2 year parts and labour guarantee on all our own workmanship and related materials not covered by the individual manufacturers. Benergy Electrical & Renewables Ltd endeavour to have a swift solution to any problems that you may encounter with your system, we are the best East Midlands solar installers.

Customer testimonial

Customer-Testimonial-Pic1“We selected Benergy because we were impressed by their high quality proposal and competitive pricing. The project was carried out swiftly and efficiently by a team of highly competent professionals who took pride in their work.

Thank you Benergy, we are delighted with our Solar PV installation.”

John and Lyn Manley Leicester

Solar Panels – EPC Information

As of the 1st April 2012 there is a new energy efficiency requirement for householders installing Solar PV. Householders with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of Band D or better (A being the best) will be eligible for the standard tariff of 14.38p/kWh for each unit they generate. For EPCs of E or lower (with G being the worst) then householders will receive the lower rate tariff of 6.38p/kWh.

Contact a member of the Energy Team today to book your domestic survey

Customer testimonial

Customer-Testimonial-Pic2“We are extremely pleased with the way Benergy carried out this project. It was all very quick; from the first enquiry to commissioning.

The installation was carried out very professionally by a pleasant crew of workmen who were polite, courteous and respectful of our property, by far the best east midlands solar installers.”

Ray and Jan , Leicester

Solar Panels – Bolt-on products (subject to suitability)

Wattson Solar Plus
Maximise the return on your Solar PV investment. By knowing when your solar generated power is FREE and how much of it you can use, you can increase your savings and increase your financial return. Wattson Solar Plus glows green when you have surplus energy, easily identifying when to switch on home appliances and harness the FREE energy you have generated.

Click here to download the Wattson Solar Plus datasheet to learn more   www.diykyoto.com/

Heat your home’s water with your Solar PV system. The Immersun device works by harnessing the surplus energy generated by your Solar PV system and diverting it to your home’s plumbing system, effectively heating your hot water for FREE

Click here to download the Immersun datasheet to learn more

What is VO4HOME
VO4HOME – Voltage Optimisation System. Save Electricity, Save … VO4HOME is a voltage optimisation device designed for use in homes and small businesses.

The VO4HOME System gives immediate energy savings for the whole home.
VO4HOME Voltage Optimisation Link VO4HOME: Voltage Optimisation For Your Home

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