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Benergy offer energy reduction solutions using LED lighting . We offer a full consultancy service which looks at every aspect of your lighting energy usage in order to determine the very best methods of saving money and reducing carbon emissions.

As a LED installer we offer specialist design, supply and installation of LED lighting for the home, commercial and industrial. LED lighting is a very efficient modern alternative which has many benefits.

LED Consultancy, Audits and Lighting Plans

Our onsite surveys will record your operating hours and electricity costs of your existing lighting leading to a detailed report which will:

  • Tell you exactly how much the current lighting system costs on a annual basis
  • Establish if your present lighting is suitable
  • Inform you if areas are over/under lit
  • Identify opportunities for daylight/presence control systems
  • Establish the best energy saving lighting technology for your needs
  • Identify any issues or specialist equipment needed for the installation of new lighting
  • Provide free quotations (including energy saving & payback calculations) for a new lighting scheme.
  • Apply for the Carbon Trust loans and finance initiatives on your behalf
  • Organize full project management, product supply, installation & commissioning of you new lighting

We offer a full consultancy service from our experienced electrical team who have the necessary qualifications.

Most of the equipment we supply is eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowance.

Converting your home or business to LED lighting you will benefit from:

  • Up to 80% energy savings
  • 100% instant light output
  • Average operational life span of 60,000 hours, reducing maintenance and re-lamping
  • Low heat generation
  • Cold and vibration resistant

Lasting Performance
LED’S have an estimated life of approximately 50,000 hours, which equates to over 5 years of continuous use, or 15 years for average appliance usage. To put that into context, traditional halogen spotlight bulbs generally have a life of 2-5000hrs / 35-50w.

Low Running Costs
The low voltage of LED Lighting means running costs are up to 90% cheaper compared to traditional halogen lighting usage.

Low Maintenance Costs
LED lamps can cut your bill by up to 80% also reducing maintenance cost, LED Lighting provides longer product life which means no regular service is required. In addition, most LED Lights are completely retrofit compatible and do not require special installation.

Low Heat and No UV Output
Even your most sensitive displays and works of art can safely and effectively be illuminated without risk of damaging their delicate nature. Furthermore there is a reduced risk of electrical malfunction that could result in fire due to the low heat levels of LED Lighting.

Design Flexibility
LEDs are extremely compact, which means the LED Luminaire can be small yet still deliver high brightness and intense colour.

Quality Build
Quality luminaries professionally built and tested that deliver even and bright output every time. Our product range has a less than 0.01% failure rate

Product Overview

Low Energy Lighting -now available in fluorescent lighting, sign series, power & control, audio, lighting gear trays and LED flat panels offering Savings up to 90% on your lighting bill. Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) are significantly more energy efficient than traditional halogen equivalents, with a vastly greater lifespan. More and more homes and businesses are switching over (excuse the pun!) to LED Lighting and saving considerable sums on their energy bills.

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Benergy offer a FREE no-obligation Low Energy Lighting survey on your property. Contact us today to arrange for one of our Team to visit your property, or if you have any questions regarding our LED Lighting range. 0800 612 9528

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